Use Cases

There are broadly two types of Enzyme users:

  • People who want to use Enzyme to build Smart Vaults

  • Depositors into Vaults

Vault Managers

Enzyme allows anyone to build, scale and monetise non-custodial Smart Vaults which can be used for creating interesting investment strategies - from discretionary and robo to ETF’s, market making, lending, yield farming and more. As a Vault creator, you can take advantage of the various building blocks offered by Enzyme without needing to have any software engineering background. You can benefit from the following tools;

  • A large array of DeFi connections (eg. lending, pools, derivatives, farming)

  • A huge token asset universe (150+ tokens and growing rapidly)

  • The options to charge fees to investors (eg. management fee, performance fee, entrance fee, etc)

  • Rulesets dictating who can deposit to your strategy and on what terms (eg. minimum investment ticket, limited access to family and friends, etc)

  • In-built accounting tools to report back to investors in real-time

  • A suite of advanced risk management tools

Enzyme also enables depositors (Savers) to connect to Smart Vaults too enabling them to be a part of your investment strategies whilst still keeping day-to-day control of their assets.

Importantly, a Vault Manager on Enzyme can be defined as either;

  • an Ethereum wallet address (typically an individual);

  • or an Ethereum multi-sig or a DAO (typically an organisation)

Some kinds of strategies that Vaults can cater to today include:

  • Yield farming

  • Multi-Strategy (multiple strategies)

  • Long/short funds (with the use of our Synthetix adapter)

  • Long only funds

  • Passive strategies (eg. ETFs or Indices)

  • Robo strategies

  • Arbitrage strategies

  • Artificial Intelligence strategies

  • Derivatives

  • Market making

Depositors (Savers)

It’s hard to keep up with the fast changing investment opportunities in DeFi. Enzyme enables you to search for and deposit into Vault strategies in a completely non-custodial and transparent way. This enables you to capture the upside potential whilst freeing you from the day to day hassles of research and portfolio management. Critically, you can do this in a way where you are in control of your funds and able to exit any time you want.

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