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Customise Vault Settings
Once you've deployed your Vault, you can personalize it via your settings. Settings are much more flexible than configurations and you can change them any time. To find your settings, make sure you are on the "For Vault Managers" tab, select the settings tab and get started!

You have no obligation to share any information about yourself if you don't want to. However, the option is absolutely available for you if you want to share information about your Vault strategy, who you are and how people can find you.

Scrolling down the settings page some more, you'll come to the Delegate Trading section. There are many reasons why it might not be practical to trade from the product owner address (eg. it could be a DAO or multi-sig). For this reason, we've added the possibility for Vault Manager's to delegate trading to a 3rd party address. This could be a bot or an individual.
Removing a 3rd party's trading permissions is also easy by just clicking on "Remove Authorisation".

New assets are automatically tracked when you trade them. However, you occasionally may want to add tracked assets to your Vaults which are obtained through other methods (eg. in the event of an airdrop or when yield farming). This drop down allows you to do that.
It is important to note that if you are not tracking assets, they will not be reflected in the GAV which may create an arbitrage opportunity for some investors. As a Vault Manager, it is your responsibility to manage these nuances.

As a valued user, we invite all Vault Managers to join a user-only channel where discussions are focused on protocol functionality, feature requests and assistance. This forum is also used to nominate Enzyme User Representatives to the Enzyme Council.
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