Signaling an Upgrade

Enzyme is continuously evolving. The range of tools available for asset management in decentralised finance continues to grow at an astronomical rate.
At every upgrade cycle, Vault Managers will have the ability to signal an opt-in upgrade to Enzyme's latest release contracts. During this stage, you can also adjust your product's configurations which we stated as semi-permanent in the Set Up and Configure Your Product stage.
From the point a Vault Manager signals an upgrade, depositors have 48 hours to review the proposed upgrade and configuration before the manager can finalise it. During that period, no new subscriptions are allowed but depositors have the option to opt-out by redeeming their shares.
During the upgrade, all fees are paid out to Vault Manager and HWM is reset to the initial GAV after upgrade.
Note that the Enzyme app's user interface does not currently have the capability to perform any of the actions above. This tooling will be built well in advance of any new protocol upgrades, and discussed here in detail when it is available.