This is a description of how a Vault Manager can seed their Vault with several assets that they already own. Seeding the Vault with different assets can be more efficient than converting the assets into the denomination asset and back.

Disclaimer: we have take great care to make sure that the procedure described below is accurate. However, we will not be responsible for any loss of assets that might occur if you are not following the procedure as described.


  • To start with, the Vault has to be empty, i.e. it cannot contain any assets or investments.

  • The steps below make use of certain security precautions. It is absolutely vital to follow those precautions as the Vault Manager, otherwise you risk losing all the assets.

  • Always double-check all addresses.


  1. Start with a new, empty Enzyme Vault (no assets, no investments).

  2. Setup a Depositor whitelist policy, with only the Vault Manager on the whitelist (alternatively, any other wallet address that you have control over). This is a crucial security precaution, because it prevents a 3rd party depositing during the seeding phase and claiming ownership of the assets before you do.

  3. Check that the Deposit whitelist is in place.

  4. The next step is to transfer assets one by one from your wallet to the Vault address. IMPORTANT. You can only transfer assets which are already in the Enzyme asset universe otherwise they may be lost forever. A full list of the asset universe can be found here.

    Once you have confirmed they are part of the asset universe, you can start transferring asset one by one, from your wallet to the Vault address. You can find the Vault address under "Overview" / "Fact Sheet" / "Smart Contracts". Make sure that you have the correct address. You can transfer assets directly from your MetaMask or WalletConnect wallet. Keep a portion of the denomination asset in your wallet, you will need to invest this amount into the fund later on.

  5. Go to the Etherscan page of your Vault (by clicking on the "Vault Address" link), and verify that the assets have arrived.

  6. In order for the Vault to recognise and track the newly received assets, the assets need to be added as "tracked assets". Go to "Settings", "Add Tracked Assets" and add all the assets that you have transferred, except for the denomination asset (which is always tracked by default).

  7. Check that all the assets that you have transferred are correctly show on the "Overview" page. Please note that it may take several minutes for the asset list to update with the correct amounts.

  8. Deposit any amount you like into your Vault (in the denomination asset of your vault). Depositing is a two-step process (approve, deposit). You can deposit using the wallet that you whitelisted in step 2.

  9. Verify that you have received the shares for the Vault (displayed in wallet as ENZF). If you have not received the shares of the Vault, then you might not have completed both steps above. You should now own all the shares of the Vault, and consequently all the assets in the fund. This concludes the fund seeding process.

  10. In order to allow investments by other investors, disable or adapt the investor whitelist.

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