As a user, you are now be able to customise your vault page, host it on a private URL and bring your own branding to life across your landing page.
This service is not part of the Enzyme protocol but rather an optional add-on service provided by Avantgarde.
Before you get started, there are two prerequisites required to create the whitelabel page. First, you need to have a vault. If you haven’t yet created a vault. Secondly, you will need to create an account on the app and register with your email address. You can sign up for an account here.
Once you’ve followed these steps, you will have your account and vault created. Now, you are ready to enable the whitelabel feature and customise your vault.
To do this, simply navigate to ‘My Account’, scroll down the page and look for the ‘My Pages’ box.
You will see a button labelled, ‘Create Page’. Click on this and it will enable you to name the page, insert a custom subdomain and choose the vault you want this page to be allocated to.
If you have more than one vault, all of these vaults will be visible in the ‘Choose Vaults’ dropdown menu, so be sure to select the correct vault that you would like to whitelabel.
Once you have populated the form with the page name, subdomain and chosen vault, select ‘Create Page’. This will take you back to your account page where you are now able to edit your chosen vault via the ‘My Pages’ box.
Simply click on the “Customise” button and you will be redirected to your custom vault page.
Here you have the ability to change your logo, update your background and customise the theme and colour palette of the vault display page itself. This opens up a range of new possibilities for vault managers that want to create a clear point of difference and better attract and nurture potential investors.